• Kelly Barnett

Are you in your happy place?

It has been two years since I made the journey from empty nester to living on an island in paradise. Who would imagine that after 18 years of raising two daughters and spending most of my time in Cincinnati, Ohio that I would end up living in the tropics and working remote in the largest pandemic in the history of our world. What has this taught me? If I were a fortune teller, there is not any lense that would help me see the path I've taken. I've learned to take risks, to always look at opportunities and decide if they are stepping stones to get me to my happy place.

When I started in business at the age of 21 I was working in Tampa in the restaurant business as a hostess at Garrison's at a downtown waterfront hotel. During my journey, I met some interesting people. I was always looking to gain new opportunities, but one morning opportunity knocked at my door. A local team of recruiters would meet in the lobby area for coffee during the week to plan their activities. I would greet them and serve their coffee and breakfast. They approached me and said, hey you are so friendly and courteous, our office is looking for a receptionist, would you like to interview? I immediately thought, wow, an office job with no nights and weekends? As luck would have it, being in the right place at the right time, I interviewed and accepted the job.

Fast forward many years, and I find myself constantly looking at how to stay in my happy place along the journey. Whether I am in Ohio with family or on my island, I look for the good and appreciate what I have. So next week when you encounter a challenge or something that didn't go the way you wanted it to, think about your happy place. Do you have a happy place? Are you in your happy place? What are you doing to get to your happy place? Have a great week!

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